Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oatmeal never tasted this good before!

I've recently started eating oatmeal every morning for breakfast so I had some laying around.  I was having a craving for a sweet treat and had an idea!  Why not use the oatmeal in the dessert...


1 package quaker maple brown sugar instant oatmeal
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
Magic Shell chocolate coating

Empty oatmeal into a bowl.  Add 1/2 c water and microwave for 1 minute.
Remove oatmeal from microwave and scoop ice cream on top.
Add a healthy layer of chocolate


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cooking Around the World

I was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia...unfortunately I don't think that I can commit to cooking my way through that entire cookbook!

So I decided to create my own challenge.  Over the next year I am going to explore the food of different cultures and try to post at least 3 different receipes per week.  I look forward to my journey around the world over the next year.  Wish me luck!

Some of the cuisines I will be exploring include....
  1. African
  2. American
  3. Barbecue
  4. Brazilian
  5. Breakfast
  6. British
  7. Cafeteria
  8. Cajun
  9. Central American  
  10. Chinese
  11. Cuban
  12. Ethiopian
  13. French
  14. German
  15. Hamburgers
  16. Homestyle Cooking
  17. Indian
  18. Irish
  19. Italian
  20. Jamaican
  21. Japanese
  22. Korean
  23. Mexican
  24. Middle Eastern 
  25. Pizza
  26. Polynesian
  27. Russian
  28. Sandwiches
  29. Seafood
  30. Scandinavian
  31. Spanish
  32. Soul Food
  33. South American
  34. Steak
  35. Vegetarian
  36. Tex-Mex
  37. Thai
  38. Vietnamese